Orchestrating transactions and tracking waste along the supply chain allows companies to organise reverse logistics, converting potential waste into a valuable resource, which is key to the circular economy.

Circul8 Waste is for all users involved in waste management, from municipalities, PROs and regulators (which oversee the operations) through to logistics operators, recyclers and consolidation centres (incoming and/or outgoing sites) or producers who want to manage their own take-back program.

Circul8 waste coordinates the activities of the different users in the collection network and supply chain. It provides a self-service solution, whereby:

  • collection points issue a pick-up request
  • logistics operators are notified
  • logistics operators report on the execution of the operations and destination sites
  • the destination sites are informed and report back on the waste received and recycled

Waste attributes and compliance documentation are configured in the system to ensure full traceability for each activity and complete accountability of each stakeholder in the operation.

The Billing module manages all supplier pricelists for easy validation of financial flows and calculation of the granular costs of each operation (per stream, territory, supplier, etc.).

Logistics partners collect and deliver the waste; treatment plants recycle the waste; and both provide compliance documentation for their operations.

No matter how many times the waste is transported or transformed throughout the reverse supply chain, Circul8 waste will track all the flows to achieve maximum traceability.

Prebuilt Included Modules

Key Benefits

  • Turn-key solution, combining our best-in-class solution with customization services to support your specific needs
  • Increased cost control, reducing the complexity and workload of financial processes
  • Collaboration between all the parties in the process, reducing admin cost, more efficient and accountable reporting
  • Very high compliance level, through documentation of operations and traceability
  • High level of confidentiality, assuring that your data and the data of your customers is not disclosed