Circul8 Products automates the activities of producer responsibility organizations (PROs) and regulators, which require data from producers (put–on-market reports) for reporting, billing and determining the producers’ responsibilities.

This is the portal through which producers are going to report their data to the PRO and/or Regulator.

The reporting requirements are defined by legislation and/or specific requirements of the PROs and the billing can follow simple rules, for example, visible fees, or more complex rules, such as collected/treated ratios.

Standard features include billing, account receivables, purchase orders and customer relationship management (CRM).

Data collected from producers is highly confidential and commercially sensitive. Circul8 is developed to the highest standards in data security, with a strong audit trail for all data operations, and regular security checks carried out by accredited 3rd parties.

Circul8 products can operate in white box mode (where the PRO/Regulator has access to confidential data from the producer) or in black box mode (where the producer data is invisible to the PRO/Regulator, and all operations, like billing, are fully automated to further reduce the risks of data breach). In black box mode, the data reported by producers is only visible as aggregated data sets that cannot be linked directly to a specific producer.

Circul8 products includes a module for managing producers’ audits, whether they are performed directly or outsourced to a 3rd party.

Prebuilt Included Modules

Key Benefits

  • Turn-key solution, combining our best-in-class solution with customization services to support your specific needs
  • Increased cost control, reducing the complexity and workload of financial processes
  • Collaboration between all the parties in the process, reducing admin cost, more efficient and accountable reporting
  • Very high compliance level, through documentation of operations and traceability
  • High level of confidentiality, assuring that your data and the data of your customers is not disclosed