Once the waste arrives at the destination site, it can be subjected to several operations, including temporary storage, dismantling, disassembly, re-furbishing, depollution, shredding and separation.

Knowledge of the physical storage location of each container, work-in-progress stock, machine usage levels and worker activities are all essential for monitoring processes, even if they are different for every customer.

Prebuilt Included Modules

Key Benefits

  • Turn-key solution, combining our best-in-class solution with customization services to support your specific needs
  • Increased cost control, reducing the complexity and workload of financial processes
  • Collaboration between all the parties in the process, reducing admin cost, more efficient and accountable reporting
  • Very high compliance level, through documentation of operations and traceability
  • High level of confidentiality, assuring that your data and the data of your customers is not disclosed