What is Circul8?

Circul8 is a cloud-based software suite for the Circular Economy which transforms complexity into simplicity – it is the industry-proven software solution encompassing multiple regulations and waste streams as well as supporting a wider range of stakeholders in the Circular Economy than any other product. Being deployed in 20 countries, across 4 continents, managing 8 million tons of waste and €2.7B of revenue - Circul8 is the industry leader.

It is built to manage every step in the process from individual producer responsibility (IPR) take-back through to the final recycling of resources that can be fed back into the manufacturing process, closing the loop.

Combining our customers’ decades of expertise in the field with our own experience in delivering high performance software, Circul8 orchestrates resources and processes – optimizing the business and providing valuable insights to management.

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Circul8 Products automates the activities of producer responsibility organizations (PROs) and regulators

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Orchestrating transactions and tracking waste along the supply chain allows companies to organise reverse logistics

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Once the waste arrives at the destination site, it can be subjected to several operations, including temporary

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Why choose Circul8?

Circul8 generates a positive ROI:

Reduce Transaction

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Producer Responsability Organizations
Logistic Operator
Consolidation Centre
Re-use Plant


Circul8 provides an online, real-time portal, which is accessible to every user in the process, where they can perform tasks such as:

  • Request a pick-up
  • Resolve an issue
  • Declare put-on-market data
  • Confirm the execution of a pick-up order
  • Upload and download documents
  • Obtain traceability information
  • Follow-up the audit process
  • Request a quotation
  • Review financial information (invoices, account payables and receivables, etc)
  • Validation or confirmation of processes
  • Generate customized reports

Circul8 supports a wide range of functionalities, so that everyone can perform all kinds of operations in self-service mode. This improves communications between the system users, increases efficiency, and therefore reduces the operational cost per transaction.

Circul8 is based on the following principles to achieve the highest levels of compliance:

Traceability: Circul8 manages the entire reverse chain, gathering together all waste movement and processing operations, following the waste route until it reaches its final destination.

Accountability: Using the self-service portal makes each user is accountable for the data they submit.

Checkpoints: These reduce the risk of incorrect reporting and can be set by comparing reports from users (weight differences between collection, transport and destination) or container types, weight thresholds, historical discrepancies, etc.

Evidence: The system captures all waste management documentation, such as weight tickets, shipment documents, certificates, geo-referenced photos of waste, etc. At recycling plants, connected devices take real-time pictures and videos to provide additional evidence of compliance.

Supplier Qualification: Checking if the qualification of the suppliers is valid and up-to-date and sending out alerts when documentation is expiring ensures that your whole supply chain is compliant.

Circul8 manages the business price lists and those of the suppliers, as well as the underlying contracts. It runs calculations, generates invoices to bill a third party or generates proforma invoices for validating the incoming invoices. Prices can be designed using multiple criteria, including external indexes allowing an up-to-date price calculation and valuation of stock. Data validation processes facilitates the reconciliation of data from multiple sources, reducing the risks of inaccurate billing or duplication of charges, reducing considerably the time spent on financial control.

Circul8 increase efficiency by reducing manual tasks and human errors by automating processes, like, for example:

  • Alerts: remind users to complete their tasks
  • Workflow: follows the designated process, including manual and automated steps, based on business rules
  • Validation: rules and alerts reduce the risk of data entry mistakes
  • SLA: Service level agreements can be defined for critical operations and users are notified as the SLA is expiring

Circul8 interfaces with connected devices (weight scales, GPS devices, data acquisition terminals,etc) automating processes and retrieving process data.

Circul8 evolves with technology. Since its initial development our software has been constantly upgraded to take advantage of the most modern technologies and user interfaces.

Beside technology, Circul8’s functionality also evolves as it is deployed in more geographies and streams (currently supporting WEEE, Batteries, Packaging and PV Panels) continuously generating added-value features that are delivered to all our customers with the new product releases.

Circul8’s scalable technology is designed to manage thousands of simultaneous customers all day long.

We closely monitor the system uptime, but also the system performance. We understand that system performance is a key factor for user adoption. Our monitoring tools will proactively alert the team so that we can anticipate any slowdowns or issues before an event is noticeable by the users.

We recognize that each customer has his own specificities. And so does Circul8 – with thousands of configuration parameters it is able to change and adapt to customer requirements. If something different is needed - we will be happy to build it – so our customers will also be contributing to the product evolution.